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9,000,000 Blog Hits and Time to Celebrate with Blog Candy


7-1/2 years ago when I started PattyStamps.com I had no idea where this journey would take me.  I merely started a blog to share what I love (Stampin' Up!, my family, my garden, traveling), with anyone who cared to read about it.  I missed the 5pm telephone calls from my mom each day after she passed away, and this was my way of telling someone (anyone who would listen) what I was up to. Thanks to YOU my faithful, wonderful, sweet, kind readers, I have surpassed 9,000,000 (yes that's 9 MILLION) hits on my PattyStamps blog!!! wowza!


So.. we need to celebrate, right!?

 Here's what I'm doing... I'm giving away 9 Blog Candy prizes...

see photos below!



1.  leave a comment below.. tell me which prize you'd like to win (enter one time for each prize if you wish!)

2. for extra chances to win: if you place a $50 or more order this week, you will get 9 extra chances to win a prize!  Just leave a comment after placing your order and tell me that you ordered and which prize you are interested in, and you will get 9 extra chances in the drawing for that prize!!  (Don't use No Contact.. I won't know that you ordered)

Enter as many times as you wish - up to 1 time for each prize.

DEADLINE: 9pm PST Friday, Nov. 14

CHECK BACK on my blog on Saturday, Nov. 15 for the winners to be posted - you will need to contact me when you see your name published to give me your mailing address and I'll ship your prize to you!  US and Canada only.

no purchase necessary to win, but you get 9 EXTRA chances to win if you do order

Ready... GO!

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I've been yearning for the world map stamp for quite some time now, so I would like enter for prize #8 please. Congrats on 9 mil! That's amazing!!

Orla Carey

Hi Patty - congratulations - I would love to win prize number eight or any other package


Congrats! I visit your blog daily and love it! #1 would be fun to have for Christmas!


Also entering for #2!!


Entering for 3!!


Hi Patty Congratulations on your 9,000,000 hit that is so amazing and such a thrill. Thank you for all you share on your blog with your creations. I guess if I would choose a prize it would be #7. Thanks.

Mary Ann

Hi Patty, WOW that is totally AWESOME. I visit your blog everyday and I will be placing an order today. Thanks for the chance to win.I would love prize 9.I'm so sorry about your mom. I know the feeling. I lost my dad 10 years ago.

Mary Ann

I would also love # 7 but 9 is my fiorst chose. Have a great day

Eileen McClean

Congratulations Patty, 9 million, as you said you never knew where the blog would take you. I am so glad that you did as I visit your blog every day. I would love to win any of the prizes but I love number 6 because I love BLING!!!! Thanks again for the opportunity to win.

Trina Coppett

Congrats Patty! That's so amazing! I would love to win prize number 6.


Congratulations on the popularity of your blog. Thanks for the chance to win...I'm interested in #4

Susan Mac

this is incredible....YOU deserve a prize, as well; CONGRATS on this amazing accomplishment!!

Susan Mac

forgot to vote, but I'd have to say...#SIX PLEASE!

Kathy H

Wowza indeed! Way to go Patty! Thanks for sharing everything you share with us. I love your blog.

Since today is my birthday, I'd love to win #6. That would be a nice present!



I'm glad to be part of the 9,000,000. It's a great blog. # 3 looks like some fun goodies!
Thanks, Pat


I got to thinking.....I also like #4! And since you said we could enter once for each one, I thought I'd enter for $4 too!

Well, off for my birthday breakfast. Happy 9 MILLION blog posts and Many, Many More!


Vicki Wizniuk

Congrats, that's an amazing milestone! I'd love to win #6. Thanks for the chance to win. :)


Because it's such a great offer and your so generous I will try for #5 too! Thanks!!!


I would love to win #6. Congrats on 9 mil!! I visit your blog daily so I will anxiously await the outcome and, just in time for my 60th birthday :-)

Nanci Luna

Congratulations!! You have a gerat site. I would like #8 the world map. Not only would it be great for cards but for my scrapbooking for my family.

Denise Bryant

Huge congrats to you! I always enjoy stopping in to see what's new!
Thanks for the chance to win #5!

Denise Bryant

Thanks for the chance to win #9! I love the stamp set!

Gail Hislop

Always find your blog interesting and full of ideas. Thanks Patty. I would like to win #3. Happy thanksgiving. Gail

Barbara Diane


It would be great fun to win #6 and a lovely surprise if I did! I am sending in an order soon! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

Lisa S

Hi Patty - Congratulations! That's an amazing accomplishment! I wouldn't mind winning #1 Thank you! - Lisa S

Lisa S

Woo Hoo - 9 Million! That's incredible. Congrats. Item number 7 would be great! Thanks for the opportunity! - Lisa S.

Lisa S.

Patty! Wow, amazing number! I wouldn't mind winning number #2 Thanks. Congrats on a job well done. - Lisa S.

Mary C.

Congrats Patty. I know I made at least 500 of those hits. I am entering for #6.

Joanne M

Patty, I just want to congratulate you, you have a wonderful blog. I visit every day. And I want to say thanks as well. I don't need a prize :)

Kathy Follmer

Pattiy, congratulations on your achievement! I start my day off every morning visiting your blog, so thank you. I am entering for #3. Kathy F.

Kathy Messer

So happy to be part of your 9 million!!! you should be so proud! #2 looks a bit like Christmas - all over it! So into this season!

Kathy Messer

Wowza - and #3 looks interesting as well. Thank you for the entry!

Tina Hengen

Congratulations patty, I would love to win prize 7 or 9!

Kathy Messer

#6 looks like I could use that on the wedding shower invitations I will be making for my daughter soon. Thank you for letting me be a part of this community. I sing your praises!


this is Awesome! YOU deserve a prize, as well; CONGRATS on this amazing achievement!! I like #9 (Thank you for the opportunity)

Kathy Messer

#7 - MORE CHRISTMAS! Love love love it! Congratulations on a very good job very well done. You are so good to your customers!


Thanks, Patty! Love your blog!
I would be excited to win any of your prizes!

Sandy Perry

Congratulations! How exciting I can only say Wow! If I win could I please have #8 really any one would be wonderful, I am very new so still learning!

Patricia Poudrier

Hi Patty! Congrats on your success! You are a wonderful role model to us all. Thank you for the chance to win!

I like prize #1

Patricia Poudrier

Hi Patty! I'd like to enter for prize #2 please :)

Patricia Poudrier

Hi again Patty lol

I'd like to win prize #3 please!

Good luck everyone!

Patricia Poudrier

*Waving hi at Patty* Please enter me for prize #4 - thanks!

Patricia Poudrier

I'm so glad I met you Patty! You're an inspiration!

Please enter me for prize # 5 - thank you!

Patricia Poudrier

Such wonderful prizes! Thanks for the chance to win! Prize # 6 is calling my name! LOL

Patricia Poudrier

My fingers will thank you if I win prize #7 - come on lucky 7 lol

Patricia Poudrier

Prize #8 is where it's at! Patty thank you for your generosity. :)

Patricia Poudrier

Prize #9 is lovely as can be - could you please enter me? Thanks! :)

Carol Strahsburg

Congrats on 9,000,000 hits. Your blog is the best
I would like prize #8

Carol Strahsburg

I am loving #9 also, please add me for that one to win.
Keep going strong, your the best

Ann Shaffer

Congrats on your success. I would love #8, because of SU's worldwide prescience.


Congrats on 9,000,000 hits.. wow! I have followed your journey with SU longer than the 7 1/2 years! You always get me motivated! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy #2.

Holly S

Congrats on 9million hits :) I can't say I've followed you for 7.5 years, but I found you on Instagram a few weeks ago and have enjoyed the cards :) I would love to enter for #3

Holly S

And #6

Holly S

And #8

Holly S

And #9! Thanks for sharing the love!!

Holly S

And why not #7 :)


Always willing to share - make it 9 million more! I would love #2!

Jennifer K

Congrats Patty! I would like to win #8. My 19 year-old daughter served in a 3 month mission trip in Africa last summer and it would be fun to make her a journal with the world stamp. Thank you for posting these prizes!

Jennifer K

#1 looks fun!

Jennifer K

ooohh.. and #2!


Wow, I'm still working on 90K. Congratulations! Loving #6.

Jennifer K

Last one... #7, love to create Christmas items!

Julie Rae

Congratulations on 9,000,000 blog hits! I can believe it as I am not alone visiting your blog everyday. I'm thinking #7 is calling my name! Keep up the amazing posts.

Barb parker

Numer 1 for me

Janice Webb

Prize #2

Sue C

Congrats Patty! Who would have guesses. I'll enter for prize #2.

Sue C

...and I'll try for #3 too. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Sue C

Why not go for #4 also. Thanks again Patty!

Beth K. Mills

Congratulations on 9 million hits!! Would love the chance to win #9 and use the map stamp for our school. Thanks for all that you share with us!

Beth K. Mills

Would love to enter for #7 also! Can never have too much bling!

Stacey Carter

Congrats Patty. I read your blog everyday. I would like to win number 1.

Beth K. Mills

Boy I am losing it! The bling is number 6!

Stacey Carter

Thanks for the chance and for sharing. #7


Congratulations! You're blog inspires me. #8 map background is my favorite.

chris neely

You are the greatest Patty. I would love to win # 6. I sure could use that. Thank you

Gay Ferland

Congrats Patty!!!! At first I thought it said, 9,000 but now I am commenting and READ your sign...9,000,000...WOW!!!!! Yes YOU are that GOOD!!!!Oh my, what an accomplishment!!! That's 6 figures....always wanted to say that...tee, hee, hee!! For a number...#6.
Thank you!!

Gay Ferland

Entering again.......Ditto on what I said above. Anything except #'s 4, 5, 9.
Thank you!!!!

Sue C

Let's try for #5. Congrats Patty on 9M. Way to go. Someone I like to follow always!

Sue C

And I'll try for #6 too. Good luck for a million more, Patty.


Congrats on 9 million blog hits!! I check you out every day...love your blog. I can relate to missing "mom"...I lost mine 6 years ago and used to talk to her every day too. I'd love to win prize #1. Thanks so much.


#7 would be nice too! Thanks again. Blessings to you...

Denise Bryant

Thanks for a chance to win #2!

Denise Bryant

#7 looks awesome.... thanks for the chance to win!

Micheline Lueken

I think #8 with the World Map would be the one for me. Congratulations on the 9 million blog hits - and thank you for the opportunity to win some blog candy.

Kathy Gage

What an AMAZING accomplishment! Congratulations! #6 for me 😀

Mary Ann H.

#7 would be my pick....congrats to you on a great accomplishment!

Mary Ann H.

#9 is a choice for me...way to go with all your success, Patty!

Rose Ambrose

Wow Patty this is amazing. I remember when I purchased a bee stamp set from you many many years ago Congratulation. # 7 would be my choice.

Barbara Green

I have been following your blog for a long time now and watched the many giveaways you have time and again. I would love to win any of the blog candy you have to offer. They all are really great.

Lisa Lange

Way to go, Patty! I'm not entering for a prize..... just want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS! Just amazing! You rock!!!

Barbara Green

Congratulations on your 9 mil blog hits. Also congrats to anyone who may win one of your prizes, They sure are plentiful.

Ilene B.

Congratulations Patty! Your blog is awesome! Thank you for a chance to win! #5 Banner stamp set & punch or #6

Barb Y.

Patty, Congratulations on your 9 million blog hits. Thanks for sharing your time, talents, imagination and prizes with us. I would love to win #5 banner stamp set and punch.


Bravo! Way to GOOOO! Great job! Outstanding! Congratulations! on 9 million hits! That is so mind boggling.
okay my very first favorite is #9 because of all the embellishments! I love adding lots of little pieces to my cards and pages.

Becky Richter

Congratulations on your 9 million hits. I am not surprised. Your blog is wonderful. I would love to win #9.


Bravo! Way to GOOOO! Great job! Outstanding! Congratulations! on 9 million hits! That is so mind boggling.

Here's another comment, 6, because it is more embellishments. I use pearls and/or rhinstones on EVERY project I make, because using them changes the whole complexion of the project. I used to hoard them, but now I use them profusely. Stampin' Up pearls and rhinestones last so much longer than you can ever imagine.

Thanks so much for this!


Bravo! Way to GOOOO! Great job! Outstanding! Congratulations! on 9 million hits! That is so mind boggling.

Lastly I'd love to win #4 because CARDS! Yay! Love the great value and quality of Stampin' Up cards. they make great gifts -- I make the kit then use the celophane bag for the finished cards. Or crafty friends get the kit and an ink spot or two!

thanks for letting us celebrate with you, and win crafty stuff!


Congratulations!!! I would love to win #7. Thanks so much!


I would love to win #3. thanks and Congratulations!!!


Thanks for this opportunity. I love #6. Pearls and gems are two of my favorite embellishments.

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