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Wow, I had SO MUCH FUN stamping on this Back to Black Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up!  I grabbed my FAVE stamp, Dotty Angles, and stamped all over a piece of Back to Black paper with the floral pattern... what do you think!?


Can you tell what I did?  See all those polka dots!?  Too cool, right? All those dots were stamped with the Dotty Angles polkadot stamp!!

First I stamped with Daffodil Delight, then Cajun Craze then Pumpkin PIe ink.




OK so what I need your vote on is..... what do you like better... the gold ribbon above, or, the Tangerine Tango Twine below?


Card Details:  the base card is cut from the Kraft 12x12 cardstock at 4-1/4" x 11" and folded in 1/2, and layered with a piece of Cajun Craze Cardstock (4"x 5-1/4") and the Back to Black stamped DSP is 3-3/4" x 5".

So leave me a comment... what looks best on this card?

Gold Satin Ribbon? or Tangerine Tango Twine!?


I have one more question for you ... did you even notice these gorgeous new Satin Ribbons in the Annual Catalog!?  I'm embarrased to say that it took me about 2 months to even see them!!! They are gorgeous and they tie a perfect bow or knot.. they are truly yummy!! 


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Dawn MacKay

That's a tough one...I like the ribbon and the twine! Very clever technique...thanks for sharing. : )


Both are beautiful, think for this card I like the twine best. The ribbon is gorgeous, it will do wonders for Christmas projects. Thanks for sharing the background technique with the Dotty Angles (you enabler you).
Have a joy filled week-end.

Nan Goerlitz

Love the twine for this card. To me, the gold looks a little formal on this, and the twine is more playful (like the colorful background)

Mary Craig

Love the ribbon you used. No, I didn't notice it in the catalog.
What a fun idea to stamp on the DSP!

Kay V

I like the twine best. What a great card. Love it.


I like the twine the best. Love the card

Janet Nelson

Fun technique, very clever and love the result. I like the gold ribbon best, think it balances the background perfectly. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Mary C.

I like the twine best, really jumps off the card. I feel the ribbon is a little too fancy and sedate for this fun, casual card.


As always, thanks for sharing. What a wonderful idea to use the dotty angles stamp on the black DSP. It is a lot easier than painting the white designs on the paper. I would have to say the twine is perfect for this card.

Mary Lou Foster

I like the twine however if you colored some satin ribbon with tangerine tango ink, that would add another color choice with some shine.

Rachael Knight

Awesome idea Patty stamping on the DSP! You are so clever!
Hmm I like the twine best on that card I think but both are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration as always!


I have to go with the Twine, it is playful like the card.

Anita Kehn

I know gold is in but on this card the twine gets my vote by far. It just "goes".

Sharon Wentz

Definitely the gold ribbon!

Cheryl S

I love the Satin ribbon in all 4 colors but for this card, I like the twine. Thanks for the tip about stamping on the DSP.


I love the twine! I agree with Nan that the twine makes the card more playful.


Sandy McClay

I am a twine person....this is so pretty either way! How creative you are! Love this so much!

L. Yang





Such a cool technique! I like both, but if I have to pick I'd go for the ribbon because it is more formal for this card.

Lynn Gauthier

Tangerine Tango Twine. Love the DSP

Gay Ferland

As always, great card, technique, and I love the gold ribbon!! The twine does not show up as much.
I have noticed the 5/8" satin ribbons.....need money to purchase!!! Lol!

Joy Perryman

I like the Gold ribbon the best. It's more elegant looking to me.


I like the twine one better. Very pretty.

Michelle VW

I like the simple elegance of the Gold ribbon. I'd almost forgotten about those -- especially the gold and silver! Thanks for the reminder! :) Love the technique of stamping on the Back to Black DSP. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jackie Hardy

I love the idea of stamping on the Back to Black DSP. Reminds me of candy corn with those colors. I think the gold makes it look more Thanksgiving-ish; the Tangelo Twist twine makes me think more of Halloween with the other colors.

Mary Ann Ely

I like both Patty, but I think I like the twine a littl better.I LOVE how you can color the Back To Black DSP. I will have to oder some. What a cute idea. I know I would have never thought of that. Thanks so much for ALL your ideas.

Kathy Gage

I am going with Twine!

Account Deleted

Patty - I like the Tangerine Tango Twine because it brings out the orange in the design of the DSP paper. What a clever idea

Barbara Kempton

I like the twine!!!

patti moffett

Twine my new favorite toy and my cats as well!!

Cathy Zaramba

I really like the satin ribbon best. Loved how the dsp paper looked when you stamped over it. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful card designs.


Patty I like the twine best. If the gold was offset with a tinge of gold somewhere else on the card, the gold would coordinate nicely, but since it doesn't, I think the twine looks better with the beautiful overall card. Good job on the background! Love it.


I love the twine... Cool idea!


Love the twine, gold for more formal


Both are pretty but I think the twine, it's more casual.

Mary R.

Wow! What a super idea, Patty! That dotted stamp sure makes a transformation & it is wonderful. I like them both, but the gold looks prettier to me.


I vote for twine. The gold ribbon is too formal for the whimsy of this card.

Stephanie S

I vote for the twine.

Kaylin K

I prefer the twine but both look great.

Diana W.

Love them both. Hard to pick, but I would have to say "ribbon" wins.


Each one gives the card a different feel. They are both good. Personally, I like the twine better. Thank you for sharing so many good ideas!


Definitely the TWINE!!!!!!!


Definitely the twine -- it is more "organic" or consistent with nature as reflected in this card. The gold ribbon seems more for elegant cards.

janet anderson

Love both but the twine is my favorite

Peg Smith

To my eye the twine is Cute, the gold satin ribbon is elegant!


Love the twine


The ribbon is beautiful and I love it but this card it playful so the twine gets it for me!What a great idea using the Dotty Angles on the DSP! Looks great, thanks fo sharing. MaryL.

Robin Messenheimer

Twine absolutely!


First of all I love the paper the way you stamped it. Now it is the perfect Halloween paper. And I love the Twine! It's so much more fun!


I like the ribbon the best!! And I didn't see the ribbon either! Thanks for ALL of your ideas!!!

Wendy V

Gold Satin Ribbon gets my vote!

Margaret Knight

My vote goes for the gold ribbon.

Micheline Lueken

I liked both the ribbon and the twine on the cards because they gave the cards such different looks. But the gold ribbon gave the one card such elegance - I could see Thanksgiving there.

Dixie Finn

Love the twine. A great pop of color to match the stamping. AND the stamping technique is fantastic.

Donna W Bruffey

I'm torn between the two. The twine looks great if you need to send a quick card, but the Gold Satin ribbon gives the card a more elegant touch. If I were to be the recipient of this card, I'd love to see the Gold ribbon!! Lovely creation.

Debbie Hughes

Love the twine!!!


Cute card! I love the twine the best. Much more playful. Thanks for your great idea. :)

Julie Rae

The twine! Your background is playful and so is the twine.


Stamping on the paper is a very neat idea. The ribbon is my favorite but they are both nice. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas. Mary Binder

laura pigg

I like the twine, it makes it more whimsical. Love the technique!

Susan Mac

since I've had time to play w/ribbon, I really like your orange/white twine....more fall looking; the gold &silver are so delicate looking & would do very well w/a wedding, anniversary card; but, really anything goes when you make it!


That is FABULOUS; wow!!! :)

Muffins Mama

Lots of votes for the twine, but I like the GOLD SATIN RIBBON best. TFS!

Daphne Anderson

I like the tango twine best for this card.

Pam Murray

I like both choices, but I think the tangerine twine card has a little more umph! Great card and creative technique. You're such a great teacher!


Tangerine twine!


I love the tangerine tango twine!!!

Angela Walters

I like the Tangerine Tango Twine. Great cards, either way!!


Just love what you did with the stamping on the DSP. Clever! Ribbon or twine??? Both do look good. That said I do like how the twist of colour in the twine has the same feel as the stamped dots. With the mix of colours stamped there is kinda a Tangerine Tango there too and the twine brings that out. Thanks for another great idea Patty.

Sharon Roselli

Love your card and the background so clever! I like the gold ribbon best.

Lucy K

the tangerine twine, hands down! :o) Thanks for your creative ideas Patty!

Sara Amuso

Twine makes it look like candy corn...gold ribbon is very classy !!


S. Carter

First of all, I think you are having way too much fun with that designer paper! :)

I like the color of the ribbon, but the texture of the twine. Maybe a Crushed Curry twine? I have a terrible time using Baker's Twine on cards because it is so soft I just want to sit and hold it. lol!


Love them both but have to say that I am a twine person...so I vote for the twine!!

Carlene (Chatterbox)

Wonderful cards...on this one the one with twine strikes me as my favorite although BOTH are lovely!


This is hard to choose, but I think I like the twine better. Love the stamping idea!

Janet Swofford

The gold ribbon gets my vote although they are both beautiful!!!


Tangerine tango twine!

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