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Happy New Year everyone!

I must take a moment to brag about my amazingly talented dad.. he has been a watercolor artist all of his life (in addition to an architect in his professional career), and we are SO BLESSED to have a house-full of his amazing artwork.  You can see more of Jim Burns' artwork on his website here.

For Christmas this year, I took photos of a dozen of his paintings and I made a MY DIGTIAL STUDIO CALENDAR with his artwork!  I gave them as gifts to family members.  This was a super easy project since he had already done the artwork and I just basically plunked them into the My Digital Studio 10"x5" Landscape Desktop Calendar with easel.  It comes printed and spiral bound from the Stampin' Up! MDS printing service, with this gorgeous heavy weight easel.  I love them!  (read more here about the calendars  you can make with MDS).

Here is the 2012 Desktop Calendar I made using photographs of his artwork and My Digital Studio.. enjoy!

Jsb cal cover

Jsb cal january

Jsb cal february

Jsb cal march

Jsb cal april

Jsb cal may

Jsb cal june

Jsb cal july

Jsb cal august

Jsb cal september

Jsb cal october

Jsb cal nov

Jsb cal december

back cover:

Jsb cal back

If you are interested in winning one of these "Jim Burns Watercolor Calendars" for your desk, leave me a comment and tell me which month/painting is your favorite. I'll draw a lucky winner on Friday and order you one!

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Lynn Schulz

I love all the pictures. How wonderful to see such talent. I really like the Feb cottage but I guess that March is my favorite. I've always loved anything oriental and my birthday is in March.


My goodness, Patty, your dad is talented! They almost look like photographs. It is hard to choose a favorite, but I think I like February (or maybe December) best. So hard to choose!! What a great gift for your family.

Dixie Finn

I love the July picture. The way he captured the moving waves is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your family gift.

Paula Richards

Patty this is such a beautiful gift. What a talented artist!!! My favorite is March. Love the flowers!!!

Anne Granger

Wow, this is amazing Patty!! Your dad is one talented artist and the pictures are gorgeous!!
I have to say that my favourite is Sept (reminds me of Alaska and BC) and December ( the true meaning of Christmas)!
Happy New Year my friend!!

Pat S.

Truly a wonderful gifted man!! My favorite is December - does capture the feel of Christmas...now we can all truly apppreciate where your creativity comes from!

Betsy Rouw

What an amazing gift to give. All of the art work is beautiful and it's hard to pick a favourite. I would have to say the cottage in May is my favourite. It looks like a place I would want to spend a vacation. Happy New Year Patty!

Margaret Peltier

What stunning work - just gorgeous - my favorite would have to be March - not only is it my Birthday month but I LOVE anything Oriental/Asian the the Pagoda is just stunning! Thanks for the opportunity to win and Happy New Year!!

Sherry Dobreski

Well I can see the nut didn't fall far from the tree! WOW your Dads artwork is amazing, each one is like looking at a snapshot! I love all of the months, particulary February but I have to choose the cover, it's so serene and just calls to me.


WOW!!! it was sooo hard to choose - but the june scenery is my fav! stunning pictures and completely AMAZING talent!! thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these beauties!!


Oh my gosh Patty, your father is very talented for sure. Those are amazing pictures and it's very hard to pick one of my favorites, but I will say Feb is because it reminds me of FAMILY and FRIENDS because it's a beautiful house on where everyone comes together plus its the month my husband and I got married. Now.....we know why you are so talented also Patty!!! LOVE IT!!!

Julie Camell

How wonderful Patty! Your dad must be such a blessing to your family and friends with such a tremendous gift and talent! Your calendar turned out so lovely, I'm sure your family loved it! My favorite month is December, his interpretation of the nativity is beautiful.

Dawn Stock

Patty -

ALL of them are so beautiful. Please tell your Dad how much I enjoyed looking at the calendar with his wonderful artwork! I think the December one is my favorite - it is the combination of both his artwork and your "Happy Birthday Jesus" that makes this one really stand out.

Thank your for BOTH of you sharing your gifts and talents!



Wow, your dad is amazing! These paintings are beautiful. Together with the calendar idea this makes a very special gift from the two of you. I love the mountain scenes so June and November were my favorites but being partial to red I loved February as well. They are all so beautiful it was hard to pick just one.

Stephanie Stuhr

These are all Beautiful! But I think February is my favorite!!

TX JennyWren

WOW, Patty, your dad is so talented!! That is an awesome idea to make a calendar with all his paintings. They are all amazing. I think I love November the best because I LOVE the mountains.

Judy Trigg

It's easy to see where you got your artistic talent! Both you and your dad create beautiful artwork. As for choosing a favorite, I don't think I can. I like February, March, April, and May equally, so I'll give each one 1/4 vote. Would you consider offering these for sale? Of course, I'd love to win one, but the odds aren't good, so I'd also love to order one from you.


What a beautiful and personal project. Am I disqualified if I pick 2? February and May spoke loudest to me but all of the paintings are just wonderful. How special to have such talent in the family!

Cindy Henry

WOW! Now I see where you got all your artistic talents ! Your Dad is an amazing artist. My favorite (very hard to choose) is August because we love to go to the dessert and ride our quads and that painting really made me want to be there!! I could feel the sand between my toes.
Thanks for sharing your Dad with us.

Christine Mitchell

I do love your dad's artwork, the pictures in your house are gourgeous. This is a great idea to make a calendar with them. I love the ones done of Yosemite since I was just there for the first time in October. I would purchase one also if you did sell them, but I hope to win this one.

Faye J

Your Father's talent is amazing. He certainly has the "wow" factor going. Now we all see where you get your talent from...thanks for sharing. I think the month of November is wonderful...but the other pages are beautiful as well.

Val W

Your dad's artwork is beautiful. It's fun to see how the pictures speak to each of us. For me, January's artwork makes me think of places we go in northern Wisconsin. The river scene on the back cover does too. How lucky for you to have all these treasures from your dad.

Brenda B

These calendars are beautiful and it is so hard to pick just one favorite month! However, my top two favorites are January [my birthday month] and March [love the oriental flair and the touch of spring]. Your Dad is very talented and you have inherited his genes! Thanks for sharing with us.

Gery Benton

The artistry is wonderful. The ocean beach (I think April?) called me the most. Every one though is simply exquisite.


Lois Purcell

OMG, what a great calendar. Your Dad's work is fabulous and so real looking. I am sure the family will love this gift for a lifetime. TFS


WOW! Your dad is an amazing artist! I love them all but December is my very favorite. I would love to win this calendar!

Debbie Flattum

I had no idea your dad was so talented. What an awesome gift. Although I appreciate all the pictures, my favorite is April. I love the ocean and he captured the intensity of the waves perfectly! The coloring is just right. I would be honored to win this calendar. Thank you for the chance.

Mary Brown

Oh my Patty...this is truly STUNNING!!! What a wonderful tribute to your father's talent! I absolutely LOVE the cool look of January!

Judy Evans Meli

My fave is March because I have traveled to Japan and was so inspired by the culture and handicrafts. I love your dad's work. Watercolor is such a difficult medium! I would be honored to feature this calendar on my desk & let it inspire my own work daily!
Thanks for the chance to win it!!!
Judy Evans Meli

Barbara Pirk

I would have to pick February as it looks like the most ideal place in the world to spend the rest of my life. What a talented father you have that can bring joy to so many people through his art. Happy New Year.

Karen S

All of the pictures are amazing! My favorite picture is February.

Happy New Year Patty!


All of the pictures are amazing and hard to choose just one favorite.
What a nice gift.


Patty Your Dad does amazing work. What talent. A great gift for sure for your family members. They must have loved them. What a great idea - the entire calendar is gorgeous. I love all the months but have to say August is my favorite! It is my birthday month and I just love the serene feel of this particular watercolor.

Christine Wells

WOW!!! Patty, your dad is an AMAZING artist!!! Wow!!! It is hard to choose just one!!! So, I think I will have to choose December (even though I love them all!!!)!!!! Thanks for sharing his amazing artwork with us Patty!!!


Oh Patty that is gorgeous. I would absolutely LOVE to have one of those!

Talent runs in your family.

Care schiller

Wow! I liked them all, but my favorite one is February. I just want to live in that house with all the beauty around it. So amazing. It seems that the apple didn't fall far from the tree......you are talented also. Happy New Year to you and your family. Care

Dawn Bullock

Beautiful work! How lucky you are to have such talent shared with you. They are all lovely but my favorite is May I think because of the colors and different elements incorporated together. The calendar is a fabulous way to share his work with others - great idea!


Patty, You have an amazingly talented father. I love the September image with the boats at the dock.


What a great gift. I like all of the months, it's hard to chose just one., but I will chose February. You are lucky to have such a talanted dad

Mary Hall

Wow these pictures are amazing. What a great talent and a great idea as a present. Mary

Holly Whipple

This is an absolutely wonderful tribute to both you and your father. The paintings are wonderful and the way you assembled them into a calendar is to be commended. I love that you can see a shadow of the painting under the actual dates of the calendar. February and May are the ones I like the best. If I have to choose one it will be May...I want to stroll over the bridge and up through the yard! Lovely work! Thank you for sharing this.

Cynthia Ferenz

Wow, your dad is extremely talented! These are gorgeous. I loved them all, but especially the desert scene one. I liked December's as well. Different styling from the others. I know everyone loved getting these as gifts.

Cynthia Ferenz
Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers and Aunt to 1 Marine


Now it is revealed why you are so talented. Being an artist is in the family, It is so hard do decide which "ONE" I like best, I think February because it looks so peaceful and so much like a place I would love to live and call home.

Judy Jackson

Every picture is beautiful! What a talented artist he is! I love both the February and May pictures the best. I couldn't pick just one. I know my hubby would love the ocean scenes!

Brenda Witt

They were all gorgeous!!! So much talent in your family! My favorite was May, but it was a tough choice.


WOW, Now we all know where you got your artistic eye!!! You Father's work is amazing. I love all the pictures you selected but if I have to pic one it would be the Mission in October, is just beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful share and the chance to win such an anazing calendar.


Lyn Heppner

Obviously, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree-- what talent!


Your dad's artwork is beautiful, guess you get your artisan talent from him. I think my favorite is January.

Lisa Hansen

Wow Patty! You're dad is very talented. We have a few painters in my husband's family but all of his Aunt's and Grandmother have the ones that his Great Aunt painted. Maybe one day we'll get one. These are all very beautiful. I wish I had half that talent. Each month as I was looking at them brought a memory to mind of my own. very hard to pick just one favorite, but I will say September. It's my birthday month for one and it brought back many memories of when we had our own boat and enjoyed so many outings on the in Arizona. Thank you for sharing!!!

carla van der Mei

A BIG WAUW Patty. What a great gift for your family...a real item to treasure.
I like the oriental one (March) and the sea (April) one the most.
Thanks for sharing

Nancy Jo

What a beautiful idea! They are all so beautiful. I like July's painting the best.

Bonnie H

Wow! What beautiful artwork! Your dad truly is talented! I think my favorite is the painting on the left side of the back cover. I love the reflection in the water!

Linda Pagel

Oh Patty!! These are all gorgeous!!I always wanted to do watercolor painting, but I understand that it is very difficult. I guess I like May best (if I have to pick just one!) It reminds me of a cottage in the English countryside. This is a GRAT family gift!! How thoughtful of you!!

Julie M.

They are all beautiful. I couldn't decide between March, August, or September. They are completely different, I know. And I'm not sure that I narrowed it down to just those. Thanks for sharing.


just stunning art work & such a nice offering, to win one; although I'm CANADIAN, I sure would love one!!!

Marcia Hutton

They are all beautiful. Hard to pick a favorite, but I will pick August. No wonder you are so talented. You had a good teacher.

Gail R.

They are all beautiful, but I think February is my favorite. Your father is certainly talented...all the watercolors are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Kerman

It was really hard to choose but I have to pick november. I love how the water element is done in this one and really enjoy the water element in several others as well.

Carol Carriveau

Wow....what treasures and to have shared them with your family is truly wonderful. Easy to see where your talents come from.... Thanks for sharing these fabulous paintings...and Happy New Year to all!

Carol Carriveau

Guess I should have read the instructions a bit more carefully - LOL..... My favorite is Februar - love that English cottage and all of the colors. Thanks, Patty!


Happy New Year!
This calendar is absolutely beautiful!You and your Dad are very artistic!
My favorite month is September.


Oh My Gosh, I have to pick one! Oh ok then February! No, no, no November! Wait it has to be July! Stop I think it is July! Darn I cannot pick one favorite month. I love them all! :)


April (mousekemom)

They are all incredible, Patty, but the October one is just awesome. I grew up in California and the town had one of the missions - San BuenaVentura mission. The feel of it immediately reminded me of home. Kudos to him for his beautiful art!

Shirley Kramer

Patty, you dad should be a millionaire by selling these most beautiful paintings!!!
I love them all, and have visited his web-site, anything he does is just so wonderful. I think my favorite on this calendar, is May, only because I've always wanted to live in a house like this in a setting like this.

Pam Hodges

You must be so proud of your dad's watercolors paintings! My favorite one is the front page with the birch trees! I love birch trees! A close second to pick a month would be Aug. because it reminds me of when we lived in New Mexico. The dessert can just spring to life with a little rain and it is beautiful! Watercoloring is my favorite technique also with the AquaPainter. I would love to take a class from your dad!

Denise Bryant

May is my favorite! What a lovely setting! Your Dad is very talented! What a gift to be able to paint like that!

Sandi Dailey

Oh my Patti!!! How very blessed you are to be around this art all of the time. Your dad's paintings are truly beautiful -- so serene. My favorites (have to say they all were), are March and December. Two completely different styles, but oh so beautiful and show off his artistic range of style. Whoever wins one of these, truly has a keepsake -- I would never, ever get rid of it, because the artwork will never be dated. Thank you ever so much for sharing (no wonder you are so artistic!!).

Patti Beachy

Wow, what beautiful work! My favorite would be April, but I love them all. They are amazing!

You should do one with all of your flowers!

Thanks for sharing!

Pat Chastain

Patty, I've told you before how much I appreciate your dad's art. I can tell by the comments that I'm not the only one that would like to get their hands on one of those calendars. Absolutely beautiful.

Paula Mangum

Beautiful. I like April, May, June, September, November - ah schucks - I just like the whole year - beautiful beautiful work.

Sherri Power

What a Beautiful Calendar!! February is my fave with such a peaceful cottage. Thank you for the chance to win such a great work of art.

Linda Allen

July and December are my favorites - it makes me feel peace! Thanks fr sharing your Dads wonderful work. Happy New Year!

Cindy S

OH MY GOSH! You just took this calendar thru MDS to a whole other level! Each page is breathing with your Dad's amazing watercolor painting. As a fellow watercolor artist back in the days, I am in awe of his work! They all are great but my favorite is December. So soft and serene in the message. Fantastic gift idea too!

Michelle VanWiggeren

Wow! This is so wonderful, Patty! I love all your dad's artwork, but if forced to pick one would have to say June -- I love the way he painted Yosemite there, so beautiful!!!

Karen Seitz

My jaw dropped lower with each successive month -- they look almost like photographs! They are all so gorgeous, but I think February's painting is my favorite. I reminds of of a location where I recently attended a needlework retreat in Michigan. Kudos to both your dad and you on a beautiful project.

Estella Cuevas

Patty, you must've gotten that artistic gene from him! Well, I have to go with October as I've always felt such peace from old churches and missions and that bridge leads me right to that one! Love them all, though.


Love them all, but my fav is December, very authentic painting! Hugs always!

Monica Rathbun

Patty, the calendar is absolutely gorgeous. If I have to pick one month (such a difficult task to do), I would pick November. It reminds me of all the family times I spent in Yosemite. Memories that will always be in my soul even as family move away or go and spend the rest of their days with God. This is Gods country. Thank you for showing the calendar and your dad's amazing talent. It left warm fuzzies in my heart.

Hema Suresh

Wow! What an amazing project.
Your Dad's watercolors are astounding!
My favorite is the month of June - it reminds me of the Pacific NW. The calendar idea is so
innovative as well . Thanks Patti for all your great ideas.

Susan Swanson

Having lived in Japan for 4+ years, I have to say I love the March sketch the best, it's so realistic. Your dad's work is truly amazing and what a blessing to still have him with you.

Kelly Wentling

Hi Patty! Oh, these calenders are gorgeous!! I didn't know you could do that with MDS. What a treat. Your dad is very talented. What a gift he has been given! I loved the houses with stone paths and bridge in Febuary and May, however, my favorite was June. The colors of the mountain are beautiful and the trees look so real. October's was nice too with the church and December's was stunning with the modern take on the nativity. I really loved them all but June wins. Happy New Year to you! I bet your family just loved their calender gifts. ; )

Judy Bagley

April is my favorite! He captures the sea so beautifully. It was very hard to choose as there are many excellent ones. He is very talented and obviously artistic ability runs in the genes!

Linda Minton

Oh, Patty! How wonderful! Now I know where you get your talent. I'm sure all of your family enjoyed receiving this special gift.

Bette S

What a beautiful calendar! So many nice pics to choose from, but May is my favorite.


September, October (love the old Spanish missions), and the impact of December is impressive. It's just a treat to be allowed to see your dad's beautiful artwork, and this calendar was a fabulous idea (you can see that by how many of us really want to win one!)

Paula S M

They're all gorgeous, but I suppose April might be my favorite. I just love the colors and the wispy look. How exciting to have the chance to win a calendar with his paintings!!

NancyS (momsnack)

Well, now we now where you got your talent from! I love the April sea - I live just a couple blocks from the sea and I never get enough of it!

Sandy Fleming

This calendar is so gorgeous! I love all the pictures in it. I don't think I could pick just one :O)

Thanks for the chance to win one!


Rene from OZ  xo

How beautiful Patti, I can see that the artistic genes have been passsed on to you.
My favourite month (a hard choice) is May.
Rene from OZ xo


So many of his paintings are reminiscent of some of my favorite places .. the ocean (April) reminds me of the Pismo/Morro Beach area and the desert (August) reminds me of visiting our son and his family in Arizona. You have an incredibly talented father and his talent has truly been passed down to you.

Wendy Eberhart

Wow! They r all amazing and hard to pick a favorite. He should consider selling his artwork. He is very talented!!
I'd have to pick Feb or maybe Jun.

Rene from OZ  xo

Sorry I spelt your name wrong Patty.
Rene from OZ xo

Marge Waskiewicz

Patty, this is so hard to pick one. your are so blessed to have such a talented Dad. It took me so long to decide, so I picked May, it's so serene. He has a wonderful gift. TFS !!

Kathy Bohannon

If I HAVE to pick just one, it's February ! But I love them all!

Pat M

Patty -- All of the photos are amazing. Such talent. I would have to pick June as my favorite!

Sherry Cox

I love them all. Your Dad does excellent work. I would choose December.

Sue Root

Patty, your dad is amazingly talented! His paintings are incredible! I'm sure your family enjoyed the calendars that you made. I love all of them, but if was forced to choose a favorite I think I'd say March.

Drew K

Patty, I agree with many of the other comments. Your dad is extremely talented! I would say that March is my favorite.

connie smith

All the prints are gorgeous..but I have to go with September, because it combines both mountains and water ... I was raised on the East coast, and now live in the desert surrounded by Mountains.. I love both the water and the mountains.. :) Thanks for sharing his gorgeous work!!

Kristi Crandall

I...like others...had a hard time narrowing it down. Both my brother and sister-in-law are artists. Wouldn't you know I did NOT inherit any of that kind of talent. Your father's work is AWESOME!!! I tended to dwell on the January and April pictures the most, so those are the ones I will pick. I love the use of color and light. Off to visit his website!

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