Founder's Circle 2012 report from Patty - day 1
Founder's Circle 2012 report from Patty - GOOD TIMES!

Founder's Circle 2012 update Make & Takes

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We got the cutest name signs on our hotel doors.. aren't these the cutest?

Patty door founders circle

And we get to play plinko for a prize each day!!

Plinko patty 2 founders

and all the candy is so yummy.. i found Heath Bars!!!

Heath bars founders
This is Desiree working on the Make & Take album:

Desiree make and takes
Sharon working on her make and take album

Sharon make and take

 these are cute samples by Stampin' Up! using our new free products for our Make & Takes.. watch for these in an upcoming catalog!!

Feel goods sample 1
Feel goods sample 2
Feel goods sample 3
Feel goods sample 4

check back tomorrow for more Founder's Circle fun!


Any day this week/weekend that I post about Founder's Circle (including  today), leave a comment on my blog (click comments below) and I will  have a drawing next week when I return.  I will send the lucky winner a  Christmas Card Class kit from my upcoming Sept. 25/26 class!

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Shop online for Stampin' Up! Supplies 24/7

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Debbie R

What did you win at Plinko? Love the samples!


Wow I am loving these pictures. I really like the make n take with the stamp "She Believed She Could Do it So She Did" Words to live by!

patty daley

Wow it looks like you are having sooo much fun! I hope these new stamps will be available soon, they are beautiful.

Paula M

OMG Patty - I think I am going to like that new word set. What amazing projects you all are doing - and thanks for blogging about it. Can't wait to see all the projects you are doing when you return home.


Looks kie so much fun. Wishing I could see everything in person. Love Plinko. Are the phrases a new stamp set?

Kathie Kelly

I wish I was looks like so much fun!!!


Love it!

Jan Butler

WOW! The samples are wetting my appetite for the Spring catty! Such bright and fun colors.

Cynthia Graham

This looks like so much fun. What a wonderful event for the top demos.
Have a great time and enjoy.

Janet Kohler

You look like you are having so much. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.


Love the samples and it's great seeing you having fun, fun, fun. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

Barbara Diane


Great photos and you look wonderful! I love Heath Bars - lucky you! Wishing you another happy day!


Barbara Diane


Thanks, Patti, for sharing the FUN! It's neat to see some of the new product.

Tammy Lever

Wow! this looks like such an amazing time! I can only imagine the fun that you are having right now and just be totally jealous! Can't wait to hear more about it!


Looks like you're having lots of fun! Can't wait to see all the goodies you keep showing us. Up and coming items look like fun too!!

Susan Saunders

Hope you're having a great time. You are my inspiration!

Holly Hanson

Am so glad your having a great time and enjoying the friends and all. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Am so lucky I joined SU with you..

Samara Joseph

These examples are so inspiring. Thx so ,uch for sharing.

Dorene Donaldson

One thing for sure, Stampin Up knows how to treat the best of the best. Looks like a great time. Love your posts.

Linda Pincik

Looks like you're having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing everything.

Vicki F

Looks like so much fun, and the food looks yummy!

Mary Lou Foster

You deserve to be treated like this. I'm getting some cute ideas for the products I have already purchased! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Patricia Huber

So glad you got to go! This looks like such fun. I can't wait for the new stamps!

Jane Cummiskey

Just love the samples you have posted. Look forward to them being in the upcoming catalog!


Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Julia Heitman

You look amazing Patty. What well-deserved fun it looks like you're having. Love the samples, thanks for sharing.

Carol Carriveau

The sneak of these stamps...wonderful...cannot wait to see and play in whatever up coming catalog! Sorry you arre not having!!!

Barbara Mulka

Thanks for sharing the samples and sneak preview of the newest stamps. The lunch looks great and so do the photos. Enjoy yourself and all your friends. I greatly appreciate all your help and ideas.

Jennifer Misner

Love the quote "She believed she could so she did!"

Kristine John

That paper is super cute. I'm anxious to get my hands on it! :) I do love the quotes in the stamp set you got as well.

Cristy G

Looks like you are having a great time. With I could be there!!

Debbie Flattum

The M&T kit looks great! Love the colors. Thanks for the teaser......NOT!! lol
What did you win at the Plinko game?

sonia peterson

Thanks for sharing all the fun you all are having.. You earned it Patty...enjoy !

Amy Williams

Love reading about your trip and seeing photos of the new projects! Thanks so much!

Beth in MN

I love the "She believes she could so she did" !!!!
It looks like a great event for all the extra special uplines! and That is definately YOU!


Thanks for sharing the sneak peaks. I can't wait to see the next catalog.

Deeleane Futch

What have you won at Plinko? Looks like fun.

Faye J

All of you are having way too much fun! The sneak peeks look like something we'll all need. Enjoy...

Margaret Peltier

wow the new goodies look wonderful!!!


I would also like to know what you won at Plinko. :) I love the sayings in the new stamp set. Thank you for the sneak peek and for sharing the pictures.

Charlotte Howett

Have enjoyed what you have been showing. I would love to be picked for the kit you are going to pick.

Joy Stein

Looks like you guys are having a blast! I love all the cards you posted! Very beautiful!

jeannette van

Love the pictures! What did you win at plinko?

Cindy van Oorschot

looks like your having a blast. Enjoy your time Patty.

Linda L in Tennessee

New stuff! I love new stuff! I want new stuff! Can't wait for new stuff!

Beth Schreiber

Looks like a super time! Great pictures and I LOVE the new sayings.

Marylee foster

Look at all the DSP they re planning on giving you all!

Debbie Hughes

What did you win at Plinko? Thanks for the sneak peak!! Love the DSP!!!

Tina Batori

That sure looks like a great new set coming in the Spring mini. Can't wait!

Judy Jackson

Looks like you are having a great time and doing lots of MITIs!

Pam Rudder

Love love that new stamp set. I can't wait to own it. What fun!!!


That dsp looks cute and really like that new stamp too!

Mary Roberson

It looks like you were having a lot of fun at Founder's Circle. Can't wait to see the new catalog (new goodies)!

Beth B

Glad you are having so much fun! Nice new stamps!

Lynn M.

The samples are so pretty! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Glenna Stutzman

Glenna Stutzman
The saying are wonderful. I sure hope they
are in the next catalog.

Care Schiller

I love these sayings, especially the, She believed she could, so she did! Love it. Is it a set, if so when can we get it. It is so perfect for a card,for my friend that was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They are all great, thanks for sharing.

Linda L

It's so much fun reading your Blog everyday while you're in Utah. Seeing all the fun things you are doing and projects you are making. Looking forward to the upcoming new items as always. Cheers!

Robyn Polinsky

Looks like you are having an AWESOME time! Love the samples, especially the "laughter" card! :)

Mary K. Parker

I love seeing the sneak peaks, but, I also just enjoy seeing your great fantastic pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share with us and the chance to win a class kit too!

Patricia Willey

That Candy Shoppe is adorable! Stampin' Up! sure knows how to decorate a room! It's great to see new upcoming product! What a couple of large sentiments there! Love it! Have fun!

Janet G

Love all the pictures. Hope you are having fun


Based on the beautiful things you've shared I can only
imagine how gorgeous the Christmas Card tutorial is!!
Can't wait to see it - thanks for giving us an opportunity
to win a FREE one!! You are soooo inspiring & kind!

Kelly W.

Looks wonderful Patty! The new dsp and sentiment stamps are really charming! Love seeing your photos. Thanks for taking the time to post for us.

Doris D.

So glad you are having a good time. The new sentiment stamps will be on my must have list.

Charlotte C.

Love all the sneak peeks of the new spring mini products! Hope you have a wonderful time, and a safe trip back home!

Valerie Durham

Thanks for sharing your samples! Love all the sneak peeks!

Deepa M.

The quotes in those samples are amazing!! I love the font - can't wait to see the actual set :)

Dawn Bullock

Thanks for sharing with us! I want that thin green ribbon!! Hope it will available separately!

Julie Haupt

Oh Patty! I so need that "She Believed" stamp shown above!!!! Hope it will be available sooner vs later.

Denise Foor

Can't wait for this word set! Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing

Debbie Miranda

Thanks for the great photo's. looks like a great time. I love all the info. you share, enjoy yourself.

Jean Fitch

Thanks Patti for sharing the make and takes and new stamp pictures. Looks like a must have set that's lots of fun. I like the look of the scrappin kit too!


Patty, looks like you and your friends are having a blast. Can't wait for the new catalog to be available; I like the new saying "She Believed She Could Do it So She Did" - words for us females to live by.

Sharon M

Such fun!!


What a great font! Looks like you guys are having a blast (as always with SU)!

Kay Capps

Hi-So glad you have=ing fun on your well deserved trip! Hugs Kay

Leanne Watkins

Nice projects! Plinko madness!

Sandy Jones

I've loved your posts from Founder's Day....thanks for sharing! It looks like such fun!

Deborah Smart

I love the new sentiments!! Can't wait til they come out :)
Plinko? Love it!! Lucky you :)

Susan Mac Donald

thanks for sharing all the fun things at F.C; what's not fun there? your pix of the m & t are great; makes me want to get crafty again & again; you always share such fab. pictures!

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