Founder's Circle 2012 report from Patty - GOOD TIMES!
Founder's Circle 2012 report from Patty - final post

Founder's Circle 2012 Glen Canyon Float Trip

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Each year on our Founder's Circle Trip we are treated to a most amazing "event'.. we never know what it will be, or where, but this year the Event Staff DELIGHTED AND AMAZED us with a float trip down a 3 hour portion of the Colorado River!!  We launched right below the Glen Canyon Dam at the base of Lake Powell, and floated for 3 hours (insert singing here... "a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour") :) down Glen Canyon on the Colorado River!!

The photos speak for themselves.. God's amazing handiwork shows at every twist and turn on this river!

Glen canyon 2a

We launched right at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam.. Lake Powell is on the other side of this dam.

Glen canyon launch site

Glen canyon dam

We went over this bridge above the dam to get here... the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge is 700 feet above the river... wow!!

Glen canyon dam bridge

Behind the dam is Lake Powell.

The water comes from the bottom of the lake under the dam and into the Colorado River.. so the water is super cold.... 47 degrees!!!! 

The weather was warm - in the 90's - but the breeze off the water was delightful as we moved..

Glen canyon 1

Glen canyon 3

Glen canyon 4

Glen canyon 5
Below: Stella and Ruth and I .. the sun was pretty brutal for us fair skinned girls, so the hats were necessary!

Glen canyon stella patty ruth

stay tuned tomorrow for more fun!

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Linda Pincik

absolutely beautiful pictures..


Such beautiful Pictures!
Thanks again for sharing parts of Founders Circle with us.

Barbara Diane


The photos are absolutely beautiful! What a fun surprise! I don't know how I would have been able to cross that bridge - I am so afraid of heights! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

Valerie Durham

Wow - that is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely God's handiwork!


OMGosh! Those are gorgeous pictures. I know you had an amazing trip. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Deepa M.

That sounds like a lot of fun! What a gorgeous day to be out on the river :)

Susan Saunders

Wow! What an amazing trip . . . and the photos are amazing. Guess you have to come back to reality, soon, right?

Kay Capps

Hi -I am loving all these pictures you are sending! Thanks so much for sharing!! Hugs Kay

Dawn Bullock

Lucky duck! Looks amazing!

Mary Roberson

Looks like gorgeous weather and a spectacular view! That was so funny, a 3 hour tour-I hadn't thought about that program in years. Yet, I think any one of us who grew up with it could not have heard that song in years, but still know all the words. Too funny!


Looks like a wonderful day and trip!

jeannette van

Amazing photos, looks like such a wonderful trip!!

Debbie Hughes

Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Such an amazing opportunity! Looks wonderful.

Leanne Watkins

What fun!

Christine Mitchell

Patty, you did it again, award winning photos. Always love the reflection of the hills on the water.

Beth B

Wow - very impressive. Such beautiful pictures. Such an amazing trip.

Kim Smith

If you think the sites were wonderful floating on the Colorado River after the dam, you should see the canyons off Lake Powell. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Lake Powell I would suggest not to miss it. So beauitful! Your wonderful pictures capture the reflections on the water so well! So glad you are having fun!
Kim Smith
Bountiful UT

Robyn Polinsky

Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing as always...

Denise Foor

Wonderful pictures....looks the hat!

Wanda G (stampcat)

FABULOUS!!!! What a fun thing to do! I'm so glad you had a great trip. Welcome home! :-)

Mary Dunn

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. You took great photos.

Susan Mac Donald

every year I follow you when you go to Founders Circle...those going are truely rewarded w/this treat...your pictures are devine, but the boat cruise is definitely breath taking; looking forward to Mon. post & thank you for your kindness, keeping us updated & tantalizing us w/the many photos, especially the food & candy!

Debbie Flattum

Wow! These are breathtaking photos. Great job! Thanks for sharing, Patty. We can tell you are enjoying yourself.

Linda L

So Amazing! Very beautiful....thank you for sharing your very special experience. You earned it!

Sue Kasten

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

Linda L in Tennessee

Wow, girl, that is a wild bunch you run with! You better be prepared for anything with them. Looks like fun and hope you had sun screen with you. God is soooo smart to create such magnificence for our pleasure and amazement. Thanks for the pix.

Dawn Bullock

What a gorgeous place! Your photos are fantastic!

Faye J

Thanks so much for sharing photos of this beautiful part of the world! SU sure know how to treat you like royalty!

jeannette van

What gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing with us!

Kay Capps

WOW- YOu girls had an amazing time. Good for you! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Hugs Kay

Lynn M.

What an awesome way to spend the day relaxing and having fun!

Jeanne Nielsen

Gorgeous pictures Patty! I hope to join you one day! I'll introduce myself as the one you helped IMMENSELY with the MDS! (I bought your disc and am having so much fun playing!). Congratulations on such an honor!

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