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Oakland A's Game and Fireworks July 4th celebration

Take me out to the ball game...

We had a most marvelous evening celebrating the 4th of July at the Oakland A's baseball game.. it was actually on the 3rd.. they had fireworks at the end of the game, and to top it off, after a very b-o-r-i-n-g game, the A's won the game with a walk off run in the bottom of the 9th! whooohoooo!

July 4th oakland a's

We went with a big church group and invited our friends Laura and Jeff... (yes it was cold!!)

Jeff laura and us

THIS cracked me up .. from our view (up high) the catchers in the Boston Red Sox bullpen sure looked like Spiderman to me!! LOL

Spiderman bullpen

The moon was full and beautiful!!

Moon at a's stadium

Moon 2

At the end of the game, they let the fans go on the field to watch the fireworks over the outfield bleachers.

Fans on the field


I discovered the 'fireworks' setting under "scenes" on my point n shoot Nikon.. wow.. so pleased with the photos this year!

  Fireworks oakland a's 1

Fireworks oakland a's 2

Fireworks oakland a's 3

This one looks like 2 palm trees.. LOL

Fireworks oakland a's 4

Fireworks oakland a's 5

Fireworks oakland a's 6

Fireworks oakland a's 7

Fireworks oakland a's 8

Fireworks oakland a's 9

Fireworks oakland a's 10

Hope you had a most marvelous week celebrating the 236th birthday of our wonderful nation!!

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Mary L.

Yowza, those fireworks were great, I didn't get to see them this year and I thought I was watchin' them right here LOL! Yes, I think that looked like Spiderman too! WOOHOO.... Thanks for sharing Patty!
Mary L.(NC) Have a great day!!!!

NIcole B.

Patty, great fireworks shots! What model of camera did you use?

cindee Wilkinson

Awesome photos Patty! The moon and fireworks, are like you are right there and could touch them.


Thanks for sharing. Looking at your pictures lasted longer than the fireworks at San Diego. You have a great camera.

Michelle A

Hi Patty,
I never even knew there was a fireworks setting on some cameras. I am SO IMPRESSED with your beautiful fireworks shots! They are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing.

michelle stamps

speaking of the Oakland A' I was in vegas last month waiting for my luggage and for my cousins flight to get in, so we could have some fun in vegas and the oakland a's showed up to get there luggage as well. They are some fine looking almost as good looking as the Thunder From Down Under guys we went to

Jan Hoyt O'Fallon, IL

GREAT photos, the fireworks pics and I have to agree that the Red Sox players DID look like Spidey, too funny! I am jealous of you wearing sweatshirts on the 4th of July....the STL Cardinals played at home over the holiday and it was 104 degrees that day, a few days later it was hotter, I think we topped out at a record breaking 108? A little crazy since we don't live in the desert but it sure feels like it lately!
Thanks for sharing the beautiful fireworks photos! See you around SLC pretty darn soon! Jan Hoyt O'Fallon, IL

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